Global Warming

It seems in the year 2015 – climate change is a very important subject that is being discussed. Some of the well known scientists have predicted severe problems by 2030. These problems include rising water level of the oceans on a global scale, cities in the US and around the world may be under water. After listing to audiobooks of Al Gore and other authors, this problem could be even more catastrophic than when the ozone layer was discussed in 1972 for the aerosol industry.

As far as aerosol is concerned. The scientists have concluded that some of the propellants/chemicals such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane gas, Propellant 227, and Hydrochlofluorocabons are culprit for climate change. This has a direct impact on the aerosol industry.

Around the year 1860, One of the French Science professors who gave a presentation in one of the science seminars in France – Predicted Global warming Effect on the world due to carbon dioxide. That time, the French government arrested him and imprisoned him because no one believed his prediction. Then his students believed him and started giving free seminars to the French students in schools and colleges about global warming. They also had a similar fate as their professor.

Napoleon came to power in France and he believed the professor and other scientists regarding global warming and released those that had said this. He encouraged them to find the solution for future global warming.

World leaders in the 1950s got together when Japan had a tsunami. That time, China, India, Brazil, and South African leaders who disagree with other leaders of the prediction of global warming got together talked about alternate sources of energy that does not damage the environment. The above countries who objected are the major users of coal and burning logs to generate energy to keep their factories. The world leaders tried to convince them to release CO2 by chimney.

In the year 2012, world leaders got together in Copenhagen Denmark. China, India, Brazil, and South Africa invited US and Europe leaders who swooped in and was determinate to make a change. The argument was that coal and logs were natural sources and the revolution did not pass by these 4 countries.

Other countries are developing energy by different sources such as solar and windmill. In the USA. scientists have proved the rive levels have increased by 6 – 10 inches in the last 5 years. Especially in Virginia naval base they noticed the level increased by 6 inches. Scientist are predicting that by year 2030 – west coast of USA,Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, and some part of East Coast will be under water.

This is a very brief general description for the readers to describe the scientists prediction. I may be off from the years – but this is what I concluded from the books I read.

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